Wednesday 26 November 2014

November 26, 2014

Bonjour tour le monde!!

      We are now almost in December and your children have just completed their second quiz. This quiz was on numbers, days of the week and weather (Grade 7 only).  If your child received a mark of less that 50% I am giving them a chance to retry the quiz. These students have already received a slip notifying them of the opportunity for a retest tomorrow November 27th. 
      The grades on the report card you have received recently are based on the first term quiz, oral questions assessed in class, and their level of participation in French class. Language learning requires frequent use and repetition, therefore, it is very important that your children persist in speaking with me at all times in class when i am gesturing, and that they do their best to speak only in French. 
       It gives me so much joy and excitement when I pass the students in the hallway and we can have a brief conversation in French. C'est fantastique!!
       If you want to have extra practice at home, I do have 3 copies of the main vocabulary on DVD to be lent out. Right now 2 of them have been lent out, but let me know and I will retrieve them to be passed on. 

Anne Durante

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