Wednesday 4 March 2015

March 4, 2015

Bonjour tour le monde!!

     As you have probably heard from your children, last month we hosted a performance by well-known French children's performer Will Stroet.  It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear and practice saying the French by singing and doing actions for several songs. 

     The French marks coming home this term are based on quizzes which have assessed the numbers, days of the week and weather (Gr. 7 only), as well as comprehension of the vocabulary to date as it is used in various sentences.  I also assess them on their participation and cooperation in class.  As I have continually emphasized to them, they will develop fluency in French the more they actually use it, so I am looking for every attempt they make to speak with me, and especially the risks they take in speaking French when it is not being required (i.e. any time they use their French to have a spontaneous conversation with me or anyone else).

     The next quiz is happening this week and is based on exercises we have been doing in class.  The schedule for the classes is:
Gr. 5     Monday, March 9
Gr. 5/6  Friday, March 6
Gr. 6     Friday, March 6
Gr, 7N  Friday, March 6
Gr. 7P   Thursday, March 5

      We are now starting more intense small group work on the reading and performing of the plays for each grade.  I am looking forward to seeing the combination of the French and the wonderful personalities of your children as they have an opportunity to practice and perform the play for their peers. It is going to be a fun third term!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Anne Durante

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